30 Day Summertime FLASH Sale DAY 26
I'm back with day 26. The flu knocked me on my butt for two days, so there was a slight lapse in the flash sale. Sorry about that. There's nothing like being sick to remind you how great it is to be healthy once you're back on your feet! 

these guys are cute and little and have been hanging around in a box for quite some time. They all have sterling silver ear posts.  To purchase, contact me and tell me you want 
  • Day 26 red glass earrings (top left) SOLD
  • Day 26 tiny pearl earrings (top middle) SOLD
  • Day 26 red and clear glass earrings (top right) SOLD
  • Day 26 pearl/fuchsia earrings (bottom left) SOLD
  • Day 26 mother of pearl earrings (bottom middle) SOLD
  • Day 26 pearl/orange earrings (bottom right) SOLD

Two more pairs of FUN earrings.  The earrings on the left feature 10mm faceted serpentine beads adorned with silvery freshwater pearls. All metals are oxidized sterling silver.  The earrings on the right feature copper enamel triangles adorned with a black freshwater pearl.  14k gold dipped ear wires. To purchase, contact me and tell me you want 
  • Day 26 green serpentine earrings (left) SOLD
  • Day 26 blue triangle pearl earrings (right) SOLD
Next in line, I have these fun linked necklaces and earrings.  Both are created with antique brass.  The earrings hang about 2.75" and the necklace is 32" in length.  To purchase, contact me and tell me you want 
  • Day 26 linked earrings SOLD
  • Day 26 linked necklace SOLD
And last but not least, these bright and cheery carnelian earrings.  Earrings hang about 1.25".  Bronze chain with 14K gold dipped ear wire.  SOLD

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