ABC News Made in America
ABC World News has compiled a list of products being made in the US, and we are one of the first listed in Louisiana. We're excited to watch this list grow and will continue watching the segment with Diane Sawyer.   Of course, made in America is very important to us. All of our designs are created and "manufactured" in the U.S. We purchase all our raw materials and components from U.S. based suppliers and do our best to make sure that the components are manufactured in the US. Our bead suppliers are also based in the U.S. (however, the beads are originally from all over the world, of course!), and after several years, we have even sourced TWO chain companies that are manufactured in the United States.

I am so excited to be listed in this project, and I am very hopeful that it will continue to spark the Made in America revolution.  Thank you Diane Sawyer!

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