Summertime Coupon Code
Happy summer! Here at the Beatrixbell Jewelry studio, I spend my summers designing, organizing and planning for the fall. This summer, I temporarily downsized my studio from 800 square feet to a mere 10'x10' guest room. My new metalsmithing studio is in a ramshackle garage where I solder and hammer with mosquitoes and stray cats. 

This is all in preparation for a BIG move that I will talk more about in my next newsletter. In the meantime, you can use coupon code CATSANDBUGS for 15% off your next online order. This coupon code won't expire til August 1st.

Today's jewelry feature (above) - Foliage Earrings.  A vintage-inspired leafy twig graces the inside of a handmade hammered teardrop.  All white metals are sterling silver.  I love these earrings for summer. Speaking of summer, don't forget about our July Flash sale.  It's coming up in just a few short weeks!

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