Figuring out the whole e-commerce thing has really been a long process of trial and error. In the beginning, I did not have any capital to invest in a website, so I was determined to figure out the entire thing all by myself. After several years of trial and error (mostly due to the fact that I was being get what you pay for!) I found 3dcart. It was so easy to use, and within a week I had a brand new website with tons of awesome features.  You can try it for free for 15 days, so you can really get a feel for it before you commit.

I feel like my 3dcart website serves as a mini-quickbooks, product database and website all rolled up into one.  It stores all the customer's shipping information and past orders, stats for each product and sales statistics and reports as well as all the bells and whistles of a fully functioning, fancy website.

One of the top reasons why I am in love with 3dcart is the way it streamlines the wholesale ordering process for my buyers. Each product I create has a price level. I assign price level 1 for general public shopping (retail price) and I assign price level 2 for my buyers (wholesale price). 

I assign each wholesale buyer to price level 2 (wholesale) and give them a unique user and password. Then, BLAM! When they login, all the prices turn to price level 2 (wholesale). This makes it super easy for my buyers to view my entire collection of jewelry at the wholesale prices. They can use the website as a virtual line sheet and place the order directly online.  If you have a minimums (minimum order requirements), 3dcart also lets you establish a dollar amount for ordering and re-ordering.   Wholesale buyers can even apply for a wholesale ID online.

When the buyer places their order, 3dcart automatically sends them a confirmation email with pictures of all the items they purchased. This is especially helpful when I write orders at market. I immediately input the buyer's order into my 3dcart system using my iPad (after assigning them the new user ID's and stuff) and they receive a confirmation email immediately after they place an order at market. My buyers love being able to refer back to their email to see images of what they purchased. 

And to make things even more convenient, the order is put into a queue. When the order is complete, I mark it as shipped and the buyer automatically gets another confirmation email saying that their order is en route (you can even add a tracking number). So it keeps the buyer informed and keeps me organized!

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