New Birthstone Earrings
Our newest style of birthstone earrings just launched on our website.  12 different jewel-tone colors to represent 12 different gemstones. Created with 14K gold dipped earwires, antique brass metals and fire polished glass beads. We love these as a cute, last minute birthday gift idea.

January Earrings, garnet (deep red)
February Earrings, amethyst (purple)
March Earrings, aquamarine (light blue)
April Earrings, diamond (clear)
May earrings, emerald (green)
June earrings, alexandrite (light purple)
July earrings, ruby (red)
August earrings, peridot (light green)
September earrings, sapphire (blue)
October earrings, opal (translucent / iridescent white)
November earrings, topaz (honey yellow)
December earrings, zircon (turquoise)

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