Happy 2019
It seems like the new fad is to NOT make New Year's resolutions. But I made a personal one. I'm going to hang my keys on the hook by the door everyday. You would think this simple task would not be that difficult, but as someone with ADD, it is a frustrating daily occurrence. Keys in a sock drawer, keys in the refrigerator and the worst was when the keys ended up in the Chutes and Ladders game box. The keys get put in all the wrong places, and I spend way too much time looking for my keys. So here's to 2019 with no lost key freak outs!

From a business perspective, there's a lot more pressure to make committed changes for the New Year. I have a huge list of fun ideas, events, projects and plans. I'm not going to list them all in one post, but I will start with something small.  Some fresh branding, with an updated logo! I spent the last few weeks of 2018 designing new branded jewelry cards & packaging. Here they are in all their glory.  Here's to a productive, creative, happy & healthy 2019!

I purchase all of my jewelry display cards and earring cards from Vistaprint. I love their new options of square cards and rounded edges. And there's always a coupon code somewhere in Cyberspace that gives a nice discount.

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