What is Gold Filled?
At every art show, gift show and trade show, I find myself constantly explaining to my customers and buyers the importance of gold filled. And this is a good thing, because they need to know the pure awesomeness of this metal! 

Gold filled is an economical alternative to solid gold. It has a very high gold content. Our gold filled is 100,000 times thicker than gold plated. It will not tarnish, wear off or turn green and crusty. Unlike gold plated, gold filled has 150-200 layers of solid gold bonded over a base metal. Other terms for gold filled include "gold dipped" and "rolled gold".

I've been using gold filled in my designs since I started my business in 1999. To date, I have never had a customer return a gold filled piece due to any tarnish, discoloration or flaking. Additionally, I have never had a customer return a gold filled piece due to skin allergies. It pretty much wears like solid gold. 

You can view all the designs on my website that featured gold filled components.  All of my wire work, chains and are gold filled.

So there you have it! Now you know all about gold filled. Think again next time you are about to purchase a gold plated jewelry designs, especially if they are in a higher price point. There is a HUGE difference in quality between gold plated and gold filled.

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