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Americas Mart | Winter 2011

Posted by Beatrix Bell on

We are at the end of our third show at the International Gift Market in Atlanta. Once again the show has been a success! We were really excited to write lots of re-orders from existing clients. We also had a lot of fun hanging out with the ladies of Tracy Jane Jewelry. 
 As you can see from the picture above, this building is ridiculously huge. This is the interior of building 3, where I have been residing on aisle 11 of the 4th floor for the last 7 days. I feel like a tiny little needle in a giant haystack. It is amazing and quite rewarding when people write orders. They have a massive amount of area to shop and a million top notch exhibitors to choose from! New accounts opened in MA, MI, ME, MD, CA, KY, NC, CT and CO. 
Heading back to New Orleans Wednesday morning with a lot on the to-do list! Processing online orders and getting ready to start production for Spring orders, adding new items to our website, doing a lot of product photography, designing new earring cards after some feedback from customers, sprucing up some wholesale line sheets. 

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