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Happy 2017 | Follow Your Dream

Posted by Beatrix Bell on

Eight years ago, I quit my full time job to pursue a full time career as a jewelry designer. It was the height of the recession and it was one of the scariest decisions I’ve ever made. I planned ahead and spent my entire savings account on gas, a hotel, and a tradeshow booth at Americasmart in Atlanta. 
After 7 hours of driving and seeing the skyline of Atlanta, I started to cry - partly out of happiness that I made the big move, and partly out of fear that I would fail. The first account I opened on the first day of market was from a little store in Blowing Rock, SC called “Follow Your Dream”. When the owner handed me this business card it gave me chills. Was it a sign that I made the right decision? I’ve kept this business card taped to my wall ever since. 
Here I am, eight years later, still in business full time! I am forever grateful that I have carved out a career as a creative entrepreneur and that I’m able to live my professional life on my own terms. I built this business all by myself - no help from parents, relatives, investors or funding campaigns. I built this business because my customers, clients, buyers, friends and family supported me. And to you I am forever grateful. Not only have I been able to have a career that I love, but I will be opening a gift shop this March! More info to follow in the coming weeks.

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