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Something Blue | Re-Purposed Wedding Jewelry

Posted by Beatrix Bell on

Something we have been doing for years, before the whole green trend, is "reworking" vintage jewlery into updated pieces for the bride and bridal party. Many brides have vintage jewelry pieces that have been handed down generations. Some of the brides are ready for a modern twist on their old jewels. 
My client Jamie brought me a gorgeous vintage Swarovski triple strand necklace this summer. However, the clasp was just downright gross. It was literally turning green. I helped her select a 24 karat gold clasp (I gave her tons of options in all styles and price ranges). We then restrung the necklace on high quality cord, attached the shiny new clasp and, voila! An updated vintage necklace for the bride. 
Another client, Amy, had an entire bag of broken vintage crystals from her great grandmother. We sorted out the beads, selected some filler beads (similar beads that would match and compliment the vintage beads) and were able to create three matching necklaces for her two sisters, as well as adding a vintage crystal to one of our many silver or gold filigrees for matching earrings. 
There are so many options when it comes to these loose beads. Don't throw them away or stick them in the back of your sock drawer! You can string them back into their original style, add accent beads, wire wrap them, incorporate them into chain, cake pulls, beaded combs, or headpieces. Not only is recycled jewelry green, but if it comes from someone you love, or was handed down through generations, it is so meaningful. So let us turn it into something usable, functional, sturdy and lovely. CONTACT ME today so we can chat.

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