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Why do people in New Orleans like to cover everything in glitter?

Posted by Beatrix Bell on

During Mardi Gras, you might catch a glittered goblet, a glittered purse 🤨, a glittered oyster shell, a glittered tambourine, a glittered genie lamp, and YES....even a glittered toilet plunger! But the most coveted is the glittered shoe from the Muses parade! The glitter is everywhere, whether you like it or not.

Today we relaunched our super fabulous Mardi Gras glitter shoe earrings. They are the perfect accessory to wear to your favorite Mardi Gras party or parade.

So what is the deal with Mardi Gras and glitter anyway?

People in New Orleans have a real affinity for glitter. The bright and festive nature of glitter fits in well with the city's lively and celebratory culture. Mardi Gras, in particular, is a time when people in New Orleans let loose and have fun, and glitter can be a great way to add some sparkle and shine to the festivities. 

People use glitter to decorate their faces during Mardi Gras. Glitter can be applied to the face using makeup products like glitter gels, loose glitter, or glitter stickers. Some people like to create elaborate glitter makeup looks, while others may simply add a touch of glitter to their cheeks or forehead for a more subtle effect. Glitter can add a fun and festive touch to any occasion, and is a popular way for people to express their creativity and get into the spirit of the celebration.

People eat glitter too, but I'm done talking about glitter for now!

You can purchase our glitter shoe earrings online or in our French Quarter location at 831 Chartres Street.  Happy Mardi Gras!


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