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Covid, Quarantines & Small Business Strong

Posted by Beatrix Bell on

Let's Get Personal! This is not easy for any of us. How are y'all doing? Being quarantined for over a month, homeschooling, and keeping my jewelry business afloat has been challenging. But knowing we are all in this together and counting my blessings keeps me sane...most of the time. 
Sweatpants and Earrings 
To be honest, it's kind of hard for me to "sell jewelry" these days. It feels kind of frivolous with all the things happening in the world. But sometimes it's the small things that can brighten your day or someone else's! After feeling like I was in a slump for about a week (and breaking my personal record for wearing sweatpants), I realized just washing my face and throwing on a pair of earrings kind of give me that extra push to feel normal. 
Coronoavirus Coupon? 
I guess sometimes you have to have a sense of humor? All of my earrings are 19% off this week (until Friday 4/24) with coupon code covid19 . Your earrings will be shipped from my squeaky clean jewelry studio. I'm hoping a purchase for yourself or someone else will give the same tiny bit of encouragement that it gave me. And remember, domestic shipping is always FREE and each item receives complimentary gift wrapping :) Let's Shop Now! 

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