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Louisiana Flooding Fundraiser

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I am heartbroken for the people of my hometown, Baton Rouge. Please know my thoughts and prayers are with you. 
For those you not from Louisiana, I'm sure by now you have seen the flooding and devastation that has hit Baton Rouge and surrounding cities. And it's not over. Many flooded waterways are not yet receding, and now back flow is flooding new areas. People were not prepared for it, and it is being called a 1,000 year flood. 
I have been pondering what I can do to help for the last several days. Then I came across a GoFundMe page for my friend Melissa. 
I first met Melissa in 6th grade when I moved to Baton Rouge. (The picture on the left is how I remember her, isn't she cute?) I was the "new kid" and I was totally shy and awkward. She was always kind to me and became my friend. My favorite memories of her were the long bus rides to and from school. We continued to be friends though high school and have kept in touch via Facebook as adults. To get more of an idea of her and her situation, here is a quote from the GoFundMe page
"Melissa, is one of the most amazing people I know. She's a full time mom of four kids, three boys and one baby girl. Her husband, Hardie, is a hospice chaplain and whatever else he needs to be to pay their bills. They've never had much but always managed despite many setbacks. Well now is the biggest one of all. Their house and cars were decimated by the recent flooding in Louisiana. They had to walk to safety, leaving it all behind." 
There are many ways to help the flood victims. I have decided that I am going to help by helping Melissa. For the rest of August use coupon code MELISSA for free shipping on your Beatrixbell Jewelry order. When you use the free shipping code, I will donate 40% of your sale to Melissa's GoFundMe Campaign on August 30th.

Please share her campaign on Facebook, or share this blog entry with a friend! Once the donation is made, I will post it here. This is a great way to do some early Christmas shopping and help out a deserving family in need.

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