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Flood Fundraiser Update

Posted by Beatrix Bell on

A BIG thank you to everyone who participated in our flood relief fundraiser. Today we have donated $525 to the GoFundMe account of a displaced Louisiana family. This is a deserving family of 6 who lost everything in the Louisiana flooding earlier this month. Please know that all of your purchases helped make a difference. 

After only one week into my fundraiser for the Baton Rouge Flood Relief I had already surpassed my donation goal. Generally summertime and back-to-school is really slow for my jewelry sales. But thanks to Facebook, and all the awesome people who have been liking and sharing my posts, I have really generated some interest and enthusiasm with my flood relief attempts. As you may have read in my previous blog post, I decided to donate to one specific family. There are so many ways to help, so I'm going to list some resources below from friends:

another Flood Registry
My good pals at El Guapo Bitters are donating 100% of their sales to the Louisiana SPCA. 
My Baton Rouge BFF (now she lives in RVA) Emily Hudspeth of The Real Life Beauty has also written a comprehensive blog post on other places to help and donate.

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