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What is Y2K Jewelry? A playful pop of color and a nod to the past.

Posted by Beatrix Bell on

What is Y2K jewelry? It's the happy, nostalgic jewelry of the 2000's - which is totally in our wheelhouse because even 22 years ago, our jewelry game was going strong!  It's whimsical, light-hearted, and in our case BEADED. We like combining seed beads, gemstones, pearls to make these dainty Y2K necklaces and bracelets. A playful pop of color and a nod to the past. Right now we have two styles in our shop. Check out our planetary necklaces and bracelets.

Shop Y2K jewelry designs.

Oh, also important to note. We use bullion wire covers and crimp covers on all of our strung jewelry. That may make no sense to you, so I'll explain it :)

This is a metal wire guard that basically levels up the integrity of the bracelet. The string/cord is protected, it will not snap or fray from extended wear. It is projected by the metal wire guard.



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